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Media Arts & Sciences Rendez-Vous: Undergraduate Research in the Wired! Lab

April 3, 2014

This week’s Rendez-Vous will showcase our Humanities Writ Large undergraduate fellows’ contributions to art historical digital research projects in the Wired! Lab. Students will discuss their work on three projects that began in Fall 2013: Death, Burial, and Commemoration in Athens (led by Prof. Sheila Dillon); the Operating Archives (Prof. Mark Olson); and the Visualizing Venice Game (Post Doctoral Associates Kristin Lanzoni & Nicola Lercari). The purpose is to show the coordination of undergraduate student research with longer term faculty research initiatives in Art, Art History & Visual Studies.

The MA&S Rendez-Vous is an informal “works-in-progress” weekly meeting which all members of the Duke community interested in Media Arts & Sciences are invited to attend.

The Rendez-Vous’s goal is to create a community through:

  • Meeting face-to-face with other people who are interested in Media Arts + Sciences
  • Sharing ideas / methods / resources
  • Learning about the projects we’re all working on
  • Socializing and getting to know each other better

For the Rendez-Vous schedule, including full information on this week’s Wired! undergraduate showcase, see their site.