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Syllabus Workshop

April 22, 2013

A workshop in two parts to be run in the Wired! lab by Sarah Goetz and Rebecca Bennett (with guests), which introduces various technologies, walks lecturers through an example of  their use and incorporates syllabus planning to ensure smooth integration into classes.


22nd AM (8:30-1) – For up to 3 technologies:

Intro to techniques with example use (10 minute presentation)

Exercise to through a simple example (50min practical)

29th PM (1.30-5.00) – Syllabus Workshop Session

An opportunity to discuss ways to successfully integrate the technologies discussed into classes with the lecturers covering topic such as:

  • fitting technologies to class objectives

  • understanding learning outcomes

  • what constitutes an appropriate digital project

  • preparing core material and exercises for students

  • timescales

  • assessment

  • matching technologies with research objectives (grad classes)

  • data management, QA & synthesis for recurrent / large projects (grad classes)

We intend to teach technologies from the following pool of expertise based on demand from attendees (survey to be conducted soon):

  • Omeka / Neatline

  • Sketchup

  • Google Earth / GIS

  • Popcorn (media content integration)

  • Website basics / web publishing

  • Virtual Worlds

  • Photogrammetry (123D catch)

  • Laser scanning (object level)

  • Tableau (data visualisation)