We believe in sharing digital knowledge. Here are resources we’ve collected and created over the years:

Digital Humanities Bibliography

In February 2019, John Taormina launched the Digital Humanities Bibliography with assistance from Alexander Strecker, Katherine McCusker, and Michael O’Sullivan.

The idea for this bibliography came about during 2014-2015 as the Digital Humanities Special Interest Groups were being formed in the Visual Resources Association and the Art Libraries Society of North America. With the recent flurry of publications in the digital humanities over the past five years, and increasing interest in digital humanities in academic disciplines, a comprehensive bibliography seemed all the more important. Under the direction of John Taormina, director of the Visual Media Center in the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies, the project began in earnest during the 2017-18 academic year and continued over the course of three semesters with the assistance of a graduate student or undergraduate each semester for data entry.

Various bibliographies from digital humanities publications (books and journals) were identified, selected, and collated into this new bibliography. The first version of this document was released in February 2019.  Additions to this type of compilation are ongoing and updates will be released quarterly. A filterable online version is in development.


The following are resources that we have developed over the years for our teaching and research, along with resources we have found useful. Many of these are licensed under Creative Commons. If you reuse them in your teaching and research, let us know. We’d like to hear how they have helped you and what we can improve. Write to hannah dot jacobs at duke dot edu.

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