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Our Research

Image showing photogrammetric phases of creating a digital model. The object is a 15th-century Incan pacha in the Nasher Museum of Art’s permanent collection. Image Credit: Edward Triplett

Art of the Americas Interactive

This project is a partnership with the Nasher Museum to re-imagine the exhibition of the museum’s collection of ancient American Art, one of the best…

Painting of a white man sitting with books and a door behind him. Superimposed: Dictionary of Art Historians. Image Credit: Lee Sorensen

Dictionary of Art Historians

The Dictionary of Art Historians was a long-standing private research tool which joined the Wired! Lab in 2017. As an open-source public database, it holds…

Digitally annotated medieval city view. Image credit: Edward Triplett


The primary goal of the Sandcastle project is to enable researchers to visualize non-Cartesian, premodern images of places in a comparative environment that resembles the…

Hypothetical floor plan for a setting in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Image credit: Victoria Szabo & Cosimo Monteleone

Visualizing Lovecraft’s Providence

This project explores the use of historical and cultural visualization techniques to instantiate the imagined Providence, Rhode Island of author H.P. Lovecraft. H.P. Lovecraft famously…

3D model of the Nazi architectural plan for Krakow. Model created by Davide Contiero

Mapping Occupied Krakow

As is well known, Krakow became a key location within the National Socialist plan for military expansion and the implementation of genocide in Eastern Europe…

Our research forms the dynamic center of our teaching, lab work, and outward-facing scholarship. Three thematic areas connect our research: study of objects, consideration of cultural spaces and systems, and questions of the scale of cultural analysis.

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