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Our Teaching

Our affiliated courses range widely in topic and digital humanities method: from medieval castles to fascist architecture, from 3D and virtual environments to GIS and digital storytelling. We offer learning opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students each semester.

Fall 2023 Courses

All Courses

Course Code Course Title
ARTHIST | GERMAN | HISTORY| JEWHIST | VMS 555SArt and the Holocaust
ARTHIST | GERMAN | JEWISHST | HISTORY 730S-01A Cultural Analysis of Ghettos
ARTHIST | GERMAN | VMS 731S-01The Bauhaus
ARTHIST | VMS 89SVisual Culture of Venice
ARTHIST 101D-001 LEC & 101D-01D DISIntroduction to Art History
ARTHIST 184D | HISTORY 144DHistory of Pre-Modern Architecture
ARTHIST 190FS-01 | MEDREN 190FS-01 | ITALIAN 190FS-01Art of Renaissance Venice
ARTHIST 208 | CLST 248The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Athens
ARTHIST 208 | CLST 248-01Art & Archaeology of Ancient Athens
ARTHIST 225-01 & 225-01L | MEDREN 215-01Gothic Cathedrals
ARTHIST 227 | MEDREN 227Medieval Castles of Europe
ARTHIST 255-01 | MEDREN 225-01 | ITALIAN 386-01Art in Renaissance Italy
ARTHIST 256-001 | ITALIAN 256-001 | ROMST 256-001Italian Baroque Art
ARTHIST 284 | HISTORY 263 | POLSCI 263 | PUBPOL 287Politics and Modern Architecture
ARTHIST 290 | MEDREN 390-01 | ITALIAN 390-02 | VMS 290-01Splendor of Renaissance Venice
ARTHIST 290-03 | MEDREN 290-1-01 | VMS 290S-01Rock, Paper, Chisel: The Materiality and Context of Medieval Art
ARTHIST 290-04 | MEDREN 390-01 | VMS 290-02The Pilgrim’s Progress: Relics, Saints, and Miracle-Seekers
ARTHIST 290S – 01The Medieval Castle in Britain
ARTHIST 305LVirtual Museums: Theories and Methods of 21st Century Museums
ARTHIST 339Chicago: Architecture, Urbanism, Politics
ARTHIST 390SDuke’s Historical Landscape
ARTHIST 504SL | HCVIS 504SLBuilding Duke: An Architectural History of Duke Campus from 1924 to Today
ARTHIST 580S-01 | HCVIS 580S-01 | ISS 580S-01 | VMS 580S-01Historical & Cultural Visualization Proseminar 1
ARTHIST 590SArchitectural History of Medieval Iberia
ARTHIST 89S-02 | MEDREN 89S-01The Medieval Castle in Britain (First Year Seminar): Fortresses, Technology, and Power
ARTSVIS 206Digital Imaging
ARTSVIS 2093D Modeling & Animation
ARTSVIS 236SMotion Graphics in Film & Video
CLST 252LSReconstructing Ancient Worlds
CLST 724SRoman Frontiers
CMAC 187FSDigital Storytelling
CMAC 222DIntroduction to Digital Humanities
CMAC 580SDigital Humanities Proseminar I
HCVIS 581S-01 | ARTHIST 581S-01 | CMAC 581S-01 | VMS 581S-01 | ISIS 581S-01Historical & Cultural Visualization Proseminar 2
HCVIS 581S-01 | ISIS 581S-01 | VMS 581S-01Historical & Cultural Visualization Proseminar 2 on Models: History, Theory & Digital Practice
ISI 317S | HIST 317S | MUS 317STopics in Digital History & Humanities: NC Jukebox
ISS | VMS 270S | CMAC 770Immersive Virtual Worlds
ISS 315-01/715-01 | VMS 304-01 | ARTHIST 315-01Mapping History with GIS
ISS 356S/758S | VMS 358S | EDUC 356S | HISTORY 382S-01Digital Durham
ISS 380S/VMSS 380sDigital Cities
ISS 660S | VMS 660SDigital Places and Spaces
VMS | ARTHIST 290sVenice as Urban Spectacle
VMS 190FSSplendor of the City
VMS 290SThe Archaeology of Ancient Britain
VMS 338Paris: A City and Its Culture 1850-1930
VMS 380SDigital Cities: Representing the Past and Inventing the Future
VMS 395LSVirtual Form & Space
VMS 490S | DOCST 490S | AMES 490SVisualizing Cultures
VMS 551LSChateaux of the Loire Valley
VMS 551LS-001 | ARTHIST 551LS-001 | ISIS 551LS-001Visualizing Venetian Art
VMS 551SLCritical Making/Digital Humanities
VMS 551SL | ARTHIST 551SL | ISIS 551SLWired! The Lives of Things
VMS 565SNew Media, Memory, and the Visual Archive
VMS 590S/ECE 5903D Design & Programming in Art & Medicine
VMS 89SMapping and Modeling Early Modern Venice
The Mendicant Revolution
The Museum Inside Out