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Visualization Friday Forum: Augmented Humanities Practice

October 31, 2014

This Friday, October 31st, Professor Victoria Szabo will be presenting on her recent uses of augment reality for humanities research projects. This event is free and open to faculty, staff, and students at Duke University and surrounding institutions. It will also be livestreamed at this link. More information about the Visualization Friday Forum series can be found here.


This paper explores the implications of location-based and marker-based augmented reality for creative digital humanities practice in the public sphere. I will focus on augmented reality systems as a way to place historical and cultural annotations in real-time dialogue with the lived experience of real-world spaces, places, and objects. I will show how digital heritage AR projects draw upon traditional approaches to annotating and representing urban places and built artifacts, as well as from contemporary digital mapping, multimedia production techniques, and virtual worlds and games. I’ll touch of each of these areas in turn as part of an investigation of this emergent “medium” of expression, drawing upon collaborative case-study projects focused in Venice, Italy; Durham, North Carolina; and Barcelona, Spain. I will also touch upon the concept of the augmented reality marker as a fluid site of annotation, and, in the wake of enhanced computer vision and ubiquitous computing, the implications for markerless annotation systems.