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Jordan Noyes: Ephemeral Art & Digital Exhibitions

November 19, 2014

The Wired! Lab’s Master’s program in Historical & Cultural Visualization was begun this past August. We are excited to have three students participating. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting a profile of each student to highlight their academic interests and their studies in HCVIS.

Jordan Noyes, who graduated from Duke in 2014 with a BA in Art History, joined the MA program after engaging with several Wired! projects as an undergraduate. During her undergraduate studies, she was also involved in the Franklin Humanities Institute’s BorderWork(s) Lab and held two internships at the Nasher Museum of Art, first as an Education Intern and then as a Curatorial Intern. She now works in the Nasher’s Visitor Services.

Jordan studies both Classical Renaissance and contemporary art, with a particular interest in street art. For her senior thesis, she completed both a paper and a project that examine street art and graffiti on political border walls such as the Mexico-United States barrier, the Israeli West Bank barrier, and the Berlin Wall. In developing her research, Jordan highlighted the importance of understanding the artworks’ contexts, spatial signficance, inseparability from wall surfaces, audience perceptions, and political performativity. The project portion of her research, created using Omeka and Neatline, focuses in particular on the Berlin Wall from 1980-89. She will be advancing this research at the MA level, and we are looking forward to sharing her continued work in the future!

For Jordan, the MA in HCVIS provides a great opportunity to hone her skills and knowledge of both digital tools and art history. She notes that a working knowledge of digital humanities and its contributions to art history and museum studies will be useful to her in future research and employment. Jordan hopes to continue her research after this program, and is interested in working in a museum setting and in engaging public audiences in intellectual discussions about art history and visual culture.

UPDATE: Jordan now works as an Instructional Technologist at Muhlenberg College.