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Wired! cosponsoring Digital Humanities Series at The Edge

March 5, 2015

The Wired! Lab is proud to be partnering with Duke Digital Scholarship Services to present the DH Sandbox Chats event series during Spring 2015. The series, open to the public, provides a venue for scholars and students to present their digital humanities projects in process. Presenters discuss not only their projects’ content but also the digital tools and methods with which they are engaging and how these technologies are contributing to the research and presentation of their scholarship.

Upcoming DH Sandbox Chats:

March 18th at 1:00pm

The Sonic Dictionary (Mary Caton Lingold / Audiovisualities Lab)

Digital Tool: Omeka

March 25th 2:00pm

Building the NULab: An open conversation on shaping digital curriculum and research for students (Ryan Cordell)

April 1st 4:00pm

One Person, One Vote  (Karlyn Forner / Humanities Writ Large Emerging Humanities Networks)

April 8th 4:00pm

Wired! Lab

Projects: Kingdom of Sicily, Digital Athens

Digital Tools: FileMaker Pro, ArcGIS, QGIS


Digital Scholarship Services is located in Duke University Libraries’ newest space dedicated to research, technology, and collaboration, The Edge. All DH Sandbox Chats are held in the Murthy Digital Studio, Bostock Library Level 1, West Campus, Duke University. (campus map)

Follow the series on Twitter at #dhSandbox.