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UPDATES: Wired! Project featured on Oxford Archaeology

November 18, 2015

UPDATED November 18, 2015: Project featured in North Carolina State University’s student newspaper, Technician. Read the article here.

A Wired! Lab student project is currently being featured on the Oxford Archaeology website in connection with excavations being undertaken at Westgate in Oxford, UK. The project contains various research and an animated film. This film, as a main output of this project, is featured in the Open Day for Oxford Archaeology Westgate Excavation, exhibiting the Buildings of Grey and Black friars in a visual and digital way. For more information, please visit the page of Westgate Excavation in Oxford.

Created by Jim Knowles (Grad ’09) and Michal Koszychi (Trinity ’09), “Great Houses Make Not Men Holy: Mendicant Architecture in Medieval Oxford” is an animated film about the medieval Franciscan and Dominican foundations in Oxford. By using a sixteenth-century map with later added 3D model and digital reconstructions, the project combines multifaceted scholarship to visualize the historical vicissitude between 1220s and 1530s. The project grew out of a collaboration between the two authors and Wired Digital Visualization Training Program at Duke University.

The animated film is available on the project’s website with an overview of the research work about the architectural and topographical features. In the film, a 3D reconstruction is presented, and a timeline is provided for better understandings the chronological development of Franciscan and Dominican churches. Various textual and illuminated sources from different time periods are combined, analyzed and visualized.