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Back To School Tutorials for Teaching

August 24, 2016

It still feels like summer in Durham, but classes start next week. As we’re preparing our syllabi, we’re also pulling together resources for integrating tools like Omeka, TimelineJS, StoryMapJS, and others into our teaching. Here are a few of the new or updated guides we’ve just published. They are packed with basic how-tos, ideas for workflow and project management, tips and tricks for beginners and advanced users, and resources for learning more about how other scholars are making use of these tools. Use these to teach yourself and your students! Check out our Tutorials page for more guides and resources.

  • Build digital archives & exhibits with
  • Create historical timelines collaboratively in TimelineJS.
  • Develop and share spatial narratives with StoryMapJS.

Questions or comments? Send them to hannah[dot]jacobs[at]duke[dot]edu.

Banner image sources: Omeka and The Knight Lab.