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Final Projects from pilot Historical GIS Course

December 18, 2017

Seventeenth-century Sevillian painters, ancient marble quarries, a proposed monorail, and the Chinese Quarter in San Francisco–these were just some of the topics explored in this past semester’s pilot course Historical GIS taught by Edward Triplett. The course took a hybrid approach by combining lectures on historical mapping methods with hands-on tutorials in GIS technologies. Students learned how to find or create spatial datasets, georectify historical maps, create time-based animations, perform cost path analyses and other skills in ArcGIS. At the same time, they considered ways that scholars are incorporating GIS tools into their research practices.

For their final projects, students created ArcGIS StoryMaps to present their historical research and spatial analyses. The embedded StoryMap below was created by Stephanie Manning, whose StoryMap is based on her Master’s thesis in Digital Art History. Other projects can be viewed here.

Image Credit: Stephanie Manning