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Graduate Fellowship in Digital Art History

January 14, 2019

The Art, Art History & Visual Studies Department at Duke University is pleased to announce the Samuel H. Kress Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Digital Art History. The fellowship for $30,000 will help to offset the cost for an entering student in our Masters (MA) program in Digital Art History and Computational Media. The fellowship is specifically meant for populations of students often underrepresented in digital art history including people of color, first generation college students, and women. Duke is an ideal institution to receive this specialized intellectual training to prepare the student for success in rigorous PhD programs in art history and visual studies. For full details on the program see

Through this fellowship we intend to help diversify our field and to develop sophisticated, and rigorous computational work. Our MA is specifically targeted to address art historical questions in conjunction with area computational and cultural specialists at Duke.

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation has made extraordinary contributions in the last decade to the support of new digital art history initiatives. This Kress Graduate Fellowship fosters and strengthens the connection between art historical research and the broader field of Digital Humanities. It builds off of the tested curriculum of the MA in Digital Art History & Computational Media while guiding the student to future success in an art history and visual studies PhD.

Our goals are:

1) To increase the opportunities of underrepresented populations for participation in Digital Humanities

2) To improve the chances of MA art historians to enter a high-level art history and visual studies PhD program or succeed in digital areas once they are in such a program, especially to prepare them for university careers

3) To strengthen the diversity of art history as a discipline

4) To expand digital art history as a subfield

Candidates who would like to be considered for this opportunity should apply to the MA in Digital Art History & Computational Media and express their explicit interest in their application for pursuing advanced work in an art history and visual studies PhD program.

For questions, contact paul.jaskot [at]

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