Art Historical GIS: Mapping Artists, Objects, and Intellectual Exchange

April 12, 2021

At the College Art Association’s virtual 2021 conference, graduate students from Duke’s Art, Art History & Visual Studies presented their use of GIS technologies as part of their research. Topics ranged from mapping women artists’ travels to Sevillian painters’ colocations.

Watch the Presentations

Presentation Titles & Authors

  • Mapping Migrations of Italian Women Artists, 1500-1700, Dana Hogan, Duke University
  • The Sevillian Market for Paintings (1500-1700) through GIS: Indeterminate Historical Information and Statistical Analysis, Felipe Alvarez de Toledo, Duke Art Law and Markets Initiative
  • Medieval and Early Modern Hospitals: The Benefits of Geotemporal Analyses, Brittany Forniotis, Duke University
  • Reconsidering the Monza Holy Land Ampullae through Digital Spatial Analysis, Clara Pinchbeck, graduate of the MA in Digital Art History & Computational Media, Duke University
  • Respondent, Edward Triplett, Duke University