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A Sanborn map annotated to show the locations where Black people worked and lived in early-twentieth-century Raleigh. Map Credit: Paloma Rodney

Kress Foundation Interview Highlights Digital Research & Master’s Program

May 13, 2024

In an April 2024 conversation with the Kress Foundation’s Shea Spiller, DAHVC Lab director Paul Jaskot described how the lab works, our focus, key projects developed through the lab, and how our work has informed the MA in Digital Art History program. Jaskot highlighted the centrality of art historical research questions, the ways in which digital methods help us to open up new avenues of inquiry, and the important role that community plays in making this research possible.

The DAHVC Lab has been the recipient of generous Kress Foundation grants for our work over the past 15 years. These have included funding that helped support exhibitions, created student fellowship opportunities, and sustained the expansion of the lab’s teaching and research.