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A Cultural Analysis of Ghettos

Instructor(s): Paul Jaskot

This seminar explores the cultural and spatial history of the Ghetto. From its origins in Venice through the spread of ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe to the segregation of African-American populations in Chicago, specific spaces have been designated as ghettos. This designation has had an impact on the social understanding of architectural form, but it has also generated many cultural responses in material culture, art, photography, film, and other media. The course will explore the cultural understanding of the ghetto with a specific emphasis on the Jewish ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe but with a comparative look at Venice and Chicago. Interested students may also contribute a digital project as part of their final paper contribution to this course.

Course Code(s): ARTHIST 730S-01, GERMAN 730S-01, JEWISHST 730S-01, HISTORY 730S-01

Curriculum Code(s): None

Day(s) & Times(s):