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Critical Making/Digital Humanities

Materiality, Digitality, and The Lives Of Things

Instructor(s): Robert Allen (UNC-CH), Matthew Booker (NCSU), Mark J. V. Olson

A renewed interest in materiality and “things” in contemporary humanistic discourse coincides with the growth of computer-based scholarly practices organized under the “big tent” of digital humanities. This course aims to explore the intersection of materiality and digitality in the humanities through a sustained practice of “critical making,” that is, hands-on exploration of new methods of mapping, modeling and visualizing historical material culture undertaken alongside critical contextualizations of these practices. Technologies include 3D modeling and acquisition, geospatial mapping, interactive game platforms, desktop fabrication, and gesture-based interfaces.

Course Code(s): VMS 551SL

Curriculum Code(s): None

Day(s) & Times(s):