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Digital Durham

Instructor(s): Trudi Abel, Rob Buerglener, Victoria Szabo

The Digital Durham seminar is based on the idea that understanding the past is a civic virtue. The course fosters awareness of the complexity of Durham communities, including the interconnections of the white and African-American communities in the past. The project lays bare Durham’s experience of industrialization, immigration, segregation, and urbanization and demonstrates how that history shapes the present and the future. Students will engage with a broad array of primary sources in the Rubenstein Library including maps, photographs, census data, and handwritten letters from the nineteenth century–and digital tools which they will use to share and interpret historical documents.

Course Code(s): CMAC 758S, VMS 358S

Curriculum Code(s): R, ALP

Day(s) & Times(s): W 10:15-12:35

Location: Rubenstein 150