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A pixelated view of an empty two-lane road.
A pixelated view of an empty two-lane road.

Digital Storytelling

Instructor(s): Victoria Szabo

Digital storytelling methodologies, theory, and practice. In-depth analysis of digital storytelling in various media forms and modes of production. Cultural impact of new media narratives. Exploration of digital storytelling affordances and approaches: text, video, audio, design, animation, and interactivity. Critical analysis of existing media and remediation of older media forms. Experimentation with non-linear, spatial, ludic, and hypermedia approaches. Questions of authorship, agency, authority, and collaboration in blogs, games, fan fiction, adaptations. Hands-on experience developing digital narratives and creating digital critiques. Analytical paper and regular crits.

This course is part of the Virtual Realities, Fictional Worlds, and Games Focus Cluster for first-year students.

Course Code(s): CMAC 187FS-01

Curriculum Code(s): FOCUS Seminar, EI, CZ, STS

Day(s) & Times(s): TTH 1:25-2:40PM

Location: Perkins LINK 072 (Classroom 6)