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A 3D model of a gothic cathedral
A 3D model of a gothic cathedral

Gothic Cathedrals

Instructor(s): Edward Triplett

This course introduces students to the history and design of cathedrals and monasteries in medieval Europe. Themes include the development of Gothic architecture from Romanesque foundations in France, the importance of fractions and Euclidean geometry for medieval architects, and the material and financial costs of monumental construction projects during the middle ages. In addition to lectures and discussions, students will design a counterfactual monastery or cathedral using 3D graphics software as part of a final project. In-class tutorials will teach students how to draw plans, elevations, and sections of churches and monastic buildings and how to build 3D models from these drawings.

Course Code(s): ARTHIST 225

Curriculum Code(s): CCI, R, ALP, CZ

Day(s) & Times(s): TTH 3:30pm - 4:45pm

Location: Smith Warehouse Bay 11 Room A233 | Wired! Lab