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Historical and Cultural Visualization Proseminar 2

Instructor(s): Annabel Wharton, Mark J. V. Olson

2D and 3D imaging, modeling; raster and vector graphics sources, laser scanners, photogrammetric software, basic database structures. Digital mapping and GIS. Presentation strategies and best practices for the web (standards-compliant HTML/CSS/Javascript), multimedia (audio/video/animation), scholarly annotation, intellectual property. Theoretical, ethical issues in field of new media and digital humanities. Epistemological issues re: mediation and visualization, ethics of intellectual property, politics of geospatial visualization, digital materiality, affordances of new media narrativity.

Course Code(s): ARTHIST 581S, HCVIS 581S, VMS 581S, ISS 581S, CMAC 581S

Curriculum Code(s): STS, ALP

Day(s) & Times(s): W 1:45pm - 4:15pm

Location: Smith Warehouse, Bay 11 A233 (Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab)