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New Media, Memory, and the Visual Archive

Instructor(s): Mark J. V. Olson

The aim of this course is to engage and extend their work as we explore the impact of new media on the changing nature of archives as technologies of cultural memory and knowledge production.Our major analytical themes include: medium specificity and the “storage capacity” of new media; the database as cultural form; the body and image as archive; new media and the documentation of “everyday life”; memory, counter-memory and the politics of the archive; archival materiality and digital ephemerality. Our primary focus will be on archives of visual artifacts (image, moving image) but because “there are no visual media” we must consider the role of other sensory modalities (what McLuhan calls differential sense ratios) in the construction of individual, institutional and collective memory.

Course Code(s): VMS 565S

Curriculum Code(s): None

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