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Proseminar I: Interdisciplinary Digital Humanities

Instructor(s): Paul Jaskot, Edward Triplett

Multimodal interdisciplinary digital humanities in theory and practice. Research, cultural heritage applications, public outreach. Theoretical and critical perspectives on humanities texts, data, images and other media; archives and exhibitions; visualization; museums; digital mapping and timelines; immersive and interactive media systems; apps and installations. Project-based critique, hands-on exercises, project management, and reflective writing. Interaction with Smith Media Labs projects and collaborators. Attention to digital divides, access and equity issues, global media contexts, sustainability, evaluation best practices, and obsolescence/EOL considerations for digital projects.

Course Code(s): HCVIS/CMAC 580S

Curriculum Code(s): STS, ALP, S

Day(s) & Times(s): W 3:05-5:35 PM

Location: Smith Warehouse Bay 11 A233