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Rock, Paper, Chisel: The Materiality and Context of Medieval Art

Medieval artworks were not made for museums. They were created as components of architectural complexes, or as equally functional objects with didactic, narrative, or other practical purposes. We will explore the historical contexts of works of medieval art, seeking to understand these works as they were meant to be seen and used. We will focus on the art of Western Europe from approximately 300-1400 AD with some consideration of that of the Middle East. Discussion of be the “lives” of the artworks we study, including illuminated manuscripts, gothic cathedrals, tombs, stained glass, and altarpieces, along with the stones and pigments that comprise them, and the tools that made them.

Course Code(s): ARTHIST 290-03, MEDREN 290-1-01, VMS 290S-01

Curriculum Code(s): None

Day(s) & Times(s):