Celebrating 10+ Years of the Wired! Lab
Celebrating 10+ Years of the Wired! Lab

Wired! becomes the Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab

March 26, 2021

The Wired! Lab for Digital Art History and Visual Culture is pleased to announce both the launch of a new website (https://dahvc.org/) and the release of our digital and analog publication Celebrating 10+ Years of Wired! (https://reports.dahvc.org/).

These events coincide with the changing of our name to the Duke University Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab. The launch, the publication release, and the name change emphasize our public-facing mission of advancing art historical research projects that combine digital methods with cultural challenges, from the classroom to traditional and public-facing humanities scholarship.

By emphasizing research, we are highlighting the thread that unifies and interweaves throughout our teaching, workshops, programming, and scholarly output. That emphasis is marked by a stronger organization of content about us, our work, and scholarly commitments on the new website interface. In addition, our significant, and in many ways ongoing, contributions in a variety of research areas of art history and visual culture are showcased in the 10+ years publication, edited by Kristin Love Huffman, Hannah L. Jacobs, and Paul B. Jaskot with print design by Jack Edinger, editorial support from John J. Taormina, and digital design by Hannah L. Jacobs using Quire.

Finally, while we will keep the name Wired! for the physical space of our lab and our Friday afternoon sessions, our shift in prioritizing the research in our lab points to our commitment to developing both the active outward-oriented nature of our work as well as the centrality of rigorous scholarship to our research and internal pedagogic practices. Our students, faculty, and staff collectively contribute to all aspects of this project in a vertical integration that extends from the classroom to our publications and digital scholarly outputs.