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Visual Culture of Venice

Instructor(s): Kristin Love Huffman

Venice was one of the wealthiest and most powerful states in the Early Modern world (1450-1600). A city whose curved urban form seemingly floated on water, it was experienced, lived, and navigated unlike any in the world. This Wired! course entails an extensive analysis of the urban and natural topography of Venice in the Early Modern period, and it investigates the artistic commissions that made the city into one of the most admired and well-visited destinations in the world. The research component of the course will be a consideration of Venice as it appeared through the eyes of the early modern tourist, or foreign visitor to the city with visual itineraries that may be shared with a larger academic community. The course assumes no prior art historical or digital experience; students will be provided with the background necessary to understand the art and architectural history of early modern Venice, and the skills required for the digital technology.

Prereq: First year, First year with exception or Transfer students only

Class Attributes: Seminar, Topics Course

Course Code(s): ARTHIST, VMS 89S

Curriculum Code(s): None

Day(s) & Times(s):