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Visualizing Venetian Art

Instructor(s): Kristin Love Huffman

This seminar focuses on the art and architecture of Early Modern Venice. Much of the city changed over time, most notably with Napoleon’s entry into the city in 1789. Students will use the vast printed and visual resources related to history of Venice in order to develop digital projects that permit reconstructions of knowledge about its art and architecture, demolished structures, and altered spaces. These may include, but will not be limited to the annotation of historical maps and views of Venice; visualizations of different types and forms of movement into and out of the city and its empire over time and space; interactive museum exhibitions; and 3-D reconstructions of lost monuments of historical importance to the urban fabric. Student projects have the potential to contribute to ongoing Visualizing Venice research initiatives.​

Course Code(s): VMS 551LS-001, ARTHIST 551LS-001, ISIS 551LS-001

Curriculum Code(s): None

Day(s) & Times(s):